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Optibelt Power Transmission

Among experts, Optibelt timing Belts enjoy an excellent reputation. They are considered to be particularly powerful and extremely durable. The product range " Optibelt OMEGA " stands for an extraordinarily high quality standard by a high performance timing belt : Faster, stronger, more compact - that is how the new Optibelt OMEGA HP Present itself, a timing belt for the highest demands.

Optibelt OMEGA HP
The high performance timing belt for extremely loaded, high speed machine drives.

Advantages :
  • Highest precision, exact synchronicity.
  • Temperature resistance from -30o C to 100oC.
  • Upto 18 times the life compared to standard imperial timing belts.
  • Very low noise generation.
  • Low bearing loads.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Improved wear characteristics.
  • Increased power transmission results in drive size reductions, saving cost.
  • Upton 3.5 times the power transmission capability compared to the imperial standard version.


Section : 3M HP, 5M HP, 8M Hp, 14M HP
Lenghts : 111 to 2800 mm
Timming Pulleys : HTD® and RPP®
Timing Pulleys
Special Pulleys are not required

Optibelt RB

Ribbed belts
Section PJ 
Lenghts : 280-2489 mm 
Further Dimensions on request

Optibelt RB

Ribbed belts

Section PK
Lenghts : 559-2845 mm
Further Dimensions on request

Section PL

Lenghts : 954-6096 mm
Further Dimensions on request

Optibelt ZR

Timing belts
Sections : MXL, XL. L. H, XH, XXH
Open-ended timing belting
Section : XL, L, H

Optibelt RR/RR PLUS

A 88 green (smooth / rough)
Application in oil areas with medium loads; the rough version offers advantages when transporting damp or greasy products. Furthermore, the rough version improves the coefficient of friction.



Optibelt SUPER VX
Variable Speed belt-raw edge, moilded cogged
The base compound consists of a polychloroprene rubber with fibres inlaid transvesely to the running direction. The High - quality and extremely low-stretchtension cord of polyester or aramid is embedded into a rubber cushion compound. It is effectively suppported by a f0abric outer surface and by the base compound. The base compound provided with its incorporated transverse fibres provides transverse rigidity without sacrificing flexibility.


Optibelt Super VX Variable speed belts are preferably used for infinitely variable speed control.
The special belt structure alows high dynamic loads, a superior powet transmission capacity and good control characteristics .



Wrapped V- Belts, Kraftbands and V- Grooved Pulleys


Raw Edge, Moulded Cogged V- Belts and V- Grooved Pulleys


Polyurethane Timing Belts and Timing Belt Pulleys




Profile Sections with Size Range

Optibelt Omega HP / HL



Optibelt Omega HP Linear / ZR Linear




Optibelt ZR / ZR D




Optibelt Omega HTD® / HTD® D




Optibelt ALPHA Flex


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